Batch-Controls and Software for the construction industry


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Batch control
With our controls , buildings such as the Yas Hotel on Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi has been built

CMS-Inventory Management

Our inventory management software allows you to manage the inventories in the individual plants or plant groups automatically and order missing source materials.

Inventories can be managed entirely automatically with the Simma CMS inventory management module.

Clear overview of all stocks and stock locations with minimum, maximum and current inventories.

Comparison of all incoming materials with target and actual quantity to delivered material. A stock difference can thus quickly be detected.

Basic functions

  • management of stocks and stock locations
  • multi-client capable (e. g. management of multiple companies)
  • convenient full text search
  • access authorisation for users and user groups
  • tracking of changes to data
  • logging of all outgoing materials for concrete delivery, gravel delivery, weighbridge
  • logging of all incoming materials with target and actual quantities (material delivery, weighbridge)
  • manual corrections
  • transfers
  • inventory entries
  • manual and automatic material orders


  • inventories can be called up for any date
  • comparison of target material consumption with actual material consumption
  • material preview based on entered orders
  • analysis of the inventory for any period of time