Batch-Controls and Software for the construction industry


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Batch control
With our controls , buildings such as the Yas Hotel on Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi has been built


Alongside the possibilities of standardised invoicing, CMS invoicing for the construction industry offers you all of the additional functions required for invoicing of concrete, gravel, cement, asphalt, etc. With our invoicing system, you maintain an overview of the price agreements.

An image of the signed delivery ticket can be allocated to a delivery ticket (prerequisite: barcode on the delivery ticket). When a delivery ticket is selected, the associated delivery ticket image is displayed. All delivery tickets are saved in a longterm archive. Invoices can be produced more quickly and with lower personnel costs as a result.

Delivery ticket images for delivery ticket post-processing are available at the press of a button.

Price agreements (customer terms, project terms, group terms, framework agreements).

Easily generate discount invoices and correction invoices from an invoice.

Sales statistics and turnover statistics.

Basic functions

  • multi-client capable (e. g. management of multiple companies)
  • convenient full text search
  • access authorisation for users and user groups
  • tracking of changes to data
  • central master data management (customers, projects, products, price lists, etc.)
  • account and cost centre management
  • product groups, rebate groups, revenue groups, statistic groups, scheduled transaction groups
  • delivery zones, freight zones
  • interfaces with all commercial production control systems
  • post-processing of logged delivery tickets
  • automatically check delivery tickets for completeness
  • delivery ticket pricing
  • document management
  • data transfer to commercial financial accounting systems (accounts receivable and accounts payable entries)
  • accept payment receipts from the financial accounting system
  • archiving of delivery tickets and invoices
  • send invoices by post, email (legally binding with digital signature) and fax

Price agreements

  • generation of sale and purchase price lists
  • project-specific price agreements
  • customer-specific price agreements
  • group-specific price agreements
  • framework agreements
  • generate project calculations

Generation of invoices

  • outgoing invoices and credit notes
  • freight credit notes (surrendering, delivery)
  • trader credit notes with bonus settlement
  • manufacturer credit notes with bonus settlement
  • generate and book internal credit notes