Batch-Controls and Software for the construction industry


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Batch control
With our controls , buildings such as the Yas Hotel on Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi has been built


With the CMS laboratory program, Simma Electronic has developed an innovative tool which helps you to optimise quality and increase productivity. Alongside the functions required for self-monitoring, the program also includes options which help you to increase the efficiency of the mixing plant and cut costs.

Automatic optimisation of grading curves

Quality certification in the form of the declaration of conformity in accordance with EN206 (CUSUM procedure)

Basic functions

  • multi-client capable (e. g. management of multiple companies)
  • convenient full text search
  • access authorisation for users and user groups
  • tracking of changes to data
  • data exchange with testing equipment
  • archiving of batch protocols
  • document management
  • data exchange with all commercial production control systems

Central master data management

  • central master data management (materials, grading curves, mix designs, etc.)
  • master data can be copied
  • dosing sequence can be pre-defined depending on the plant

Mix calculation

  • concrete families can be generated either automatically or manually
  • mix design and grading curve generation
  • optimisation of mix designs and grading curves based on current test results
  • price calculation for mix designs
  • entry of aggregates either by grading curve or directly in kg values

Delivery list for mix designs
  • site-specific delivery lists (you can generate your own templates)

  • automatic or manual production logging
  • testing of raw materials
  • generation of fresh concrete, hardened concrete and water penetration tests
  • automatic transfer of the actual data for concrete testing
  • pressure, splitting and flexural tension testing
  • suitability testing
  • printing of test results
  • test intervals can be pre-defined for various tests


  • quantity-related reports
  • declaration of conformity in accordance with EN206, taking the country-specific guidelines (K1, K2, K3 and CUSUM procedure) into account
  • statistical analyses of all test results (time curve, frequency, trend)
  • forms (Austria)
  • optimisation of dosing precision and plant performance