Batch-Controls and Software for the construction industry


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Batch control
With our controls , buildings such as the Yas Hotel on Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi has been built

CMS-Raw Material Dispatch

With our raw material dispatching, you always have your raw material requirements and transport under control. Based on the current inventories and the orders recorded, the system calculates the quantity which needs to be delivered within a period of time. Raw materials for which the stock has already dropped below a certain quantity are handled by the system with higher priority. If an order is generated, this is automatically visible at the raw material plant if the plant is connected to the system. The outgoing delivery ticket is automatically shown in the concrete plant as a receipt after successful shipment of the order. Selecting the correct storage location will automatically adjust the fill level. Raw material orders can be placed both automatically and manually.

If the CMS dispatch module is available, the necessary vehicles for transportation between the plants can be determined automatically. The punctual delivery of raw materials is thus guaranteed.

Representation of the raw material requirements for a plant.