Batch-Controls and Software for the construction industry


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Batch control
With our controls , buildings such as the Yas Hotel on Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi has been built

Telematic in the vehicle

Telematic unit with navigation system

Use of any mobile phone with Android operating system

Our telematic units in the vehicles help you to reduce transport costs, to optimise your fleet usage and to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, they can simplify communication between the dispatcher and the driver.

Vehicles can be navigated and located. All important events like waiting times, begin and end of discharging, are recorded. It is also possible to exchange messages and photos between the dispatcher and the driver.

Bluetooth box

The box is used to record the vehicle data and transmit it to the telematic unit.

  • communication of the GPS position to the control centre via GPRS
  • status reports (departure from the plant, arrival on site, start of unloading, end of unloading, departure from the site, arrival at the plant) are triggered automatically. If there is no connection available at the current time, the appropriate status is saved with the correct time and transmitted later.
  • all activities to be carried out (loading time at the plant and unloading time on site) are listed chronologically
  • messages can be exchanged between dispatch and the vehicle
  • delivery ticket data can be communicated to the vehicle
  • delivery tickets can be digitally signed (with logging of special services and comments) the delivery ticket is thus immediately ready for invoicing
  • delivery tickets can be printed in the vehicle
  • photos can be sent to dispatch
  • navigation to the construction site
  • drum rotation direction sensor for detection of the start time for discharging
  • remote download of driver card data
  • water logging (for mixing water on the construction site)
  • recording of the air temperature
  • FMS interface (fuel level, fuel consumption, etc.)
  • driving and break time monitoring
  • driver status reports (automatic login with driver card)